Bluewater Telecommunications was founded in 2014 as a result of several senior level telecommunications professionals coming together to provide more effective delivery of services to industry clients. Working with subcontracting firms in the field of Make-Ready Engineering (‘MRE’) and Pole Loading Analysis (‘PLA’), Bluewater Telecommunications has demonstrated success in achieving this mission. These successes allowed us to expand our market beyond the southeastern United States to a national level.  Our MRE & PLA Division has become the central core of our services business, and allowed us to expand our project delivery capabilities utilizing market-leading technologies.

After securing a dominant position in the realm of Pole Loading Analysis, Bluewater Telecommunications tapped into our vast experience and knowledge of OSP & ISP design, and integrated that experience into their project capabilities. Delivering services in multiple markets on a variety of fiber-based projects – including, FTTC conversions, GPON for both ‘Greenfield’ and ‘Brownfield’ projects, Metro Ethernet facility assignments and construction designs, among others – We have expanded our capabilities to a new level of versatility.

Bluewater Telecommunications has demonstrated success in both growth rate and geographic expansion, and places our adaptability within the ever-changing platforms of engineering design as a top priority.

We welcome the opportunity to provide Bluewater Telecommunications services to assist you with your business and project needs.

Mission Statement: To be a leader in the telecommunications industry through thoughtful consideration for consistent quality and timely delivery, and efficiencies borne of innovation.


Paul Wheeler

President & CEO

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Ashley Wheeler

VP Service Delivery

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